BRAND NEW 66 80CC 2-Stroke Gas Engine Motor For Bicycle EN05 BASIC

BRAND NEW 66 80CC 2-Stroke Gas Engine Motor For Bicycle EN05 BASIC
Item# EN05_BASIC

Product Description

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80CC Motor Bike Motorized GAS ENGINE

Condition: Brand New
Winner will receive one engine only

Note: Engine Comes assembled as pictured and buyer will need to complete the engine.

Model :
Mode of Engine :
Single cylinder, air-cooling, 2-stroke
Power * Rotary Speed

Rated Power :
1.5Kw / 5000r / min
Max. Power :
2Kw / 6000r / min

Ignition Mode :


Compression Ratio : 6 : 01
Driving Ratio : 18 : 01
Fuel type : No. 90
Lubrication Oil : Motorcycle Synthetic 2 Stroke Oil
Mixing Ration for Fuel and Oil : 16:1 for break period (first 300 miles)
 25:1 after
Spark Plug : Z4C 14MM
Fuel Consumption : 120-170 MPG
Clutch Type : Friction Plate / Dry
Speed Limitation : 25-40MPH

If you need more information on how to install this motor or detailed installation manuel please email us.

This motor is a new generation of 2 cycle engine with many improvements and enhancements which make it stronger, more powerful and more durable.
This motor has been carefully tailored to fit in many bikes (mountain, cruiser, chopper, road) with v-frame. The motor has gone through at least 10 minutes factory running test for quality assurance.


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